Moving Companies in Dubai
20 Apr

Moving Companies in Dubai

Moving Companies in Dubai

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Professional Apartment Movers Dubai

There are a number of reasons which make us one of the best apartment movers in Dubai. When it comes to providing effective and proficient accommodation moving services in Dubai. From helping you get your belongings and furniture down and up the stairs without even a scratch. We will take care of each and every facet while changing of venue from one apartment to another. Yes, our professional apartment movers team will help you get your belongings relocated smoothly. So, when it comes to apartment moving services, we have the team to help you with all the answers.

It is not easy for one to move in or out of a house or a high-rise building. One needs the assistance of an expert who can guide them with proper management. Find the best apartment mover in Dubai that provide professional relocation services at your doorstep. We are here to help you with the best apartment moving services so that you can get your relocation done without even broking a pin. Yes, being the best movers in Dubai, we will help you with top-notch apartment shifting services. Our professional team will take all the responsibility of the hard work which needs to be done to get the accommodation resettlement completed without even a fuss.

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We specialize in helping our clients from moving apartment to relocating houses with hassle-free manners. Our company covers high-rise buildings so that you can get your possessions relocated without any trouble.

  • Highly Qualified Staff for Items care and Movement
  • Local Moving Expert Handyman services
  • Bubble wrapping solutions
  • Boxes and Packing Material supplies

Relocate Your Apartments At Affordable Rates

Moving your house/residence sounds excellent if you reduce some of your expenses, including moving rent. But the only one thing you have to consider is how much it cost to move apartment in Dubai? Well with Movers Packers in Dubai you don’t have to worry for prices at all because we always come up with the best and affordable prices to relocate your apartments. However prices are defined based on the size of the move and distance from your destination.

Features of Apartment Shifting Service

  • Take a look at the reasons which makes us the best apartment movers:
  • We will take a complete survey of your apartment and then move according to its requirements.
  • We have experienced professionals to make sure that each and every planning is executed in a thorough manner.
  • From planning to transferring your possessions to safely unloading it, we will take responsibility for each and every step with complete care.
  • Making sure that your move to a new apartment is proficient and hassle-free without any pressure on your pocket.

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Resolving Your Queries Related To Apartment Moving Services

How to get a quote related to apartment mover services?

We can help you with standard travel fee and rates if you are moving locally. So all you need to do is to connect with our support executives or fill the application form available on our website. We will get back to you at the quickest possible time.

Can you disassemble and reassemble our furniture?

We always use standard equipment and tools when it comes to disassembling your furniture. Suppose when it comes to bed frames or even tables, we always take the assistance of latest equipment so that we can take them apart and assemble them together with ease.

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What kind of moving services do you have?

Our Apartment Mover team is ready to take over the challenges and move forward for relocation. We provide home shifting, business shifting, office relocation, apartments moving services in Dubai. Our price is reasonable and services quality no compromise.

So, you can be assured that your moving needs are with the safest hands in the business. Being one of the best movers in Sharjah, Dubai, and Abu Dhabi, we will make sure that you get complete value for your investment. So, get our apartment movers in Dubai on the job and relocate yourself hassle-free!

Contact us for immediate response and Queries on WhatsApp at 0556779442

Why hire Us?

We have successfully relocated a number of apartments in Dubai throughout the years. In addition to this, we have client testimonials that attest to our ability to provide top-notch moving services to apartments with anywhere from studios to one to two bedrooms. So, regardless of size, our professional apartment movers will provide a totally customized service that precisely satisfies your needs. The top three reasons why we are the best apartment movers in Dubai are listed below.


With many years of experience, we can tailor our services to meet the demands of different clients. To make the relocation process simpler, we offer additional services like delivery, disposal, and storage in addition to moving and packing.

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Wide-ranging Offering of Services

Along with being expert apartment movers, we also provide moving services for cars, pets, furniture, and internationally around the area.

Our Professional Team

Our devoted customer care team is always available to you thanks to our responsive crew. They are taught to react to questions in the smallest amount of time possible and to be succinct and clear in their responses.

Hire us for Best Movers and Packers Services in Dubai

Do you intend to relocate to another city or town in Dubai, United Arab Emirates? If so, we are always here to help you move your home in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Whether you are moving a single item or your entire home, our experts are available to help.

Are You Searching: International Movers and Packers Dubai

Being a homeowner, it can be very difficult to assume the role of the packer when it comes to packing and unpacking large carton boxes of belongings while also taking care of the family. Because of this, we offer a one-stop shop to all of our clients. We offer excellent services at the most inexpensive rates and are among the most affordable and trustworthy movers in Dubai. As the best movers in Dubai, our company will provide complete packer assistance services to ensure a highly efficient, secure, and easy house transfer. The skilled packers at Dubai Movers ensure that your belongings are packed securely using protective materials like paper, boxes, bubble wrap, tape, and other necessary packing supplies. If you want to hire the top home movers and shifters in Dubai, you only need to get in contact with our sales agent. They will provide you with thorough information on the various moving plans and pricing that may be adjusted to meet your needs and budget.

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We Are A No.1 House Shifting
Company in Dubai

By offering our clients total satisfaction, we are currently establishing ourselves as the top house moving company in Dubai and the other Emirates of the United Arab Emirates. We are a reputable and licenced house moving company with a sizable staff of educated workers who understand the value of each household item and will move it carefully to your new home.

  • Services that are dependable and fairly priced.
  • Please aim for complete client pleasure.
  • Free counsel and travel expenses.
  • quick task estimation and completion.
  • Cheap and Cost-Effective House Movers and Packers in Dubai

Call Movers Packers in Dubai for the assistance of a qualified and reasonably priced moving service team while moving to Dubai or to a larger city such as Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, or Ras al Khaimah. The majority of moving services for homes in Dubai are expensive, particularly in big cities like Abu Dhabi or Sharjah. The fact that most homeowners lack the skills and knowledge essential makes moving uncomfortable for most people. We can assist if you require assistance transferring a whole house or apartment from one city to a large city like Abu Dhabi. We offer the most sincere, stress-free, secure, risk-free, and reasonably priced moving services in Dubai to our clients.

Calling our customer service team will comfort you that we are less expensive than the competition and provide everything for our devoted clients at fair price.

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Our services

  • In order to lessen your stress during the house-moving process, our team, which includes members with a lot of experience in home moving, provides dependable, effective services. Together, you and our knowledgeable, seasoned home movers will work to tailor our services to meet your individual moving needs. We pledge affordability, effectiveness, and security. When packing your items, the knowledgeable packers at Desert Movers make sure to use protective materials like paper, boxes, bubble wrap, tape, and other necessary packing supplies. We are one of the most cost-effective and reliable movers in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and we offer outstanding services at the most competitive prices for house moving.
  • We poll you before to the transfer so that we can better understand your demands. After that, we’ll provide our expert guidance to guarantee a smooth transfer.
  • Our movers are dedicated to attaining complete client satisfaction and are equipped to help with all of your planning and coordination.

Why Choose “Movers Packers in Dubai” for Home Movers in Dubai

We are a company with UAE registration that respects its properties. We are the top packers and movers in the UAE. It also provides excellent and useful moving and home-changing services in Dubai and other UAE towns. We have been working with this moving firm for many years, and we frequently get the same clients. Due to our more than 15 years of experience in the moving industry, we have a well-deserved reputation as Dubai’s top house movers and packers. Are you looking for a reliable home moving business in Dubai where you can get the greatest services at fair prices? We have a group of skilled packers and movers in Dubai.

We are committed to making the moving experience as easy as painless as we can. As one of the best and biggest house moving companies in Dubai. As the best packers and movers in Dubai, we never rely on freelance movers that put their own financial interests ahead of following company rules. Because of this, Movers Packers in Dubai is the most significant home relocation business. In order to make the transfer process easier, we’ll also assign a project controller to oversee the entire effort.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the best residential movers?

We Movers in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, is the top moving company for homes.

How much movement can you withstand?

We undertake relocation of all sizes, whether they be for offices, businesses, or homes. Even if it’s just a few items, we’ll get it done.

Will the movers disassemble, reassemble, and wrap my furniture during a residential move?

Yes, we deconstruct and reinstall furniture as necessary. Wrap everything up before you load the truck.

If you are in need of professional flat movers in Dubai then, you are surely standing on the best page for sure! Yes, we are highly acclaimed as a professional removal company with the best flat shifting team in Dubai.

We take moving services of all sizes and help our clients relocate with ease. So, Whether you need to relocate your single item or your entire house, get our movers on board. You can be assured that there will not be any scratch or line on your belongings while moving to your new flat with our packers and movers working for you.

Flat Shifting in Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi

Moving from one flat to another is quite a stressful job. Taking the assistance of our experts will help you with proper management and a smooth experience without any stress. Being the best moving company in Dubai, we will make sure that you get complete peace of mind while our professionals take complete care of your belongings.

  • Highly Qualified Staff for Items care and Movement
  • Local Moving Expert Handyman services
  • Bubble wrapping solutions
  • Boxes and Packing Material supplies
  • Flat Movers and Packers Provide Customized Services

    We know that every individual is different and so are their moving needs. So, whether you are shifting from your house to a flat or vice versa, we have the best facilities to get your needs covered on time. From packing and moving every item to get it down from the stairs, we will take all the responsibility with perfection. Being the best packers and movers, we will always strive hard to help you with complete dedication and take care of your belongings while being transferred to the new destination. Take a look at the highlights of our professional moving services:

  • We have years of experience when it comes to providing flat shifting services.
  • We strategist after taking a survey of your needs.
  • We make sure that the best professionals in our team cover every step of your relocation.
  • From small items to heavyweight furniture, we will get your belongings transferred without even a single scratch.
  • Our moving company only hire professionals that are highly skilled. We reassure you that your stuff is in expert hands
  • Got Any Queries? We Will Answer!

    How to get a move?

    Yes, you can have your moving date changed, and that too with ease. All you need to do is to connect with our support executives and let them know about the expected changes. We will note down the required changes and help you with your new estimate. So, you can remain stress-free and get your moving covered with our expertise.

    What are the things that you will not be able to relocate?

    We object to relocating explosive and flammable items. We will help you relocate your BBQ grill, but you must get the tank clear before we relocate the stuff.

    So, do not hesitate and get in touch with our professional flat movers in Dubai now to help yourself get relocated without hassle!

    Contact us for immediate response and Queries on WhatsApp at 0556779442.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Everything you need to know before moving your Home or Office

  • How are household and home shifting costs calculated in Dubai?


The following variables affect pricing:-

Items to be Shifted:- The cost increases with the number of products.

Distance to be Covered:- The price increases with increasing distance.

Day of Shifting:- The home shifting sector experiences high and low seasons, just like any other business.

Should we use separate moving and packing companies in Dubai, or should we choose only one?

In Dubai, it is highly recommended to work with just one provider for both packing and moving. This is to guarantee that company’s complete accountability for shipping your items safely. If something breaks during transit while being packed and moved by various companies, none of the companies will be held accountable.

Why is hiring packers and movers in Dubai a good idea while shifting from one house to another?

It goes without saying that moving from one location to another, whether inside or outside of a city, may be a difficult, demanding, and stressful experience. In fact, one of the world’s biggest stressors is the actual moving process. Packing up home items, loading the truck, driving, unloading the truck, unpacking everything, and rearranging things are all steps in the moving process.

What responsibilities do packers and movers have?

In order to transfer items safely, movers and packers carefully assemble items and place them in the proper size and shape boxes. To ensure a smooth delivery, they were also thinking about the transportation requirements. Due to their knowledge of the industry, they can carry the product to your new home or office safely. These tasks are typically carried out by movers and packers.

Moving can be simple if you use a reputable moving company. So, where can I locate a reliable moving company?

Your moving can be made simple by a professional moving company.

Determine whether the company’s website is trustworthy by checking it. It should include information on all services provided, the location of their office or warehouse, a phone number, and an email address.

See if they have any reviews from previous clientele who have moved with them.

Check their ratings on sites like Yelp! or Facebook to see how long they’ve been in operation.

Now that you know how to choose a reputable moving company, let’s look at some factors that will aid in your decision.

Where are the offices of movers and packers?

It is recommended to work with a packing and moving company that has a location in the area where you will be moving if you are considering moving to Sharjah. Although there are numerous businesses in Sharjah that provide this service, not all of them have locations close to your house. You should pick a business that has a location close to your house so that they can transport your things on schedule and carry out their work in a way that is convenient for both parties engaged in the relocation process.

What advantages do Best packers and movers in Dubai offer?

Hiring reputable packers and movers in Dubai has some advantages. You will have complete piece of mind if you arrange your future house relocation with one of the trustworthy and knowledgeable movers and packers in Dubai. You won’t have to do any moving duty requirements at all. All of your needs will be met by our experts. They will properly pack your goods and carry them to your new house in a secure manner. You will receive complete support from beginning to end. You will be able to save a lot of time and work as a result.

There is no need to give up your valuable time to complete changing chores. Your freed up time might be used to complete other critical activities or to spend time with loved ones and family.

There is no need to give up your valuable time to complete changing chores. Your freed up time might be used to complete other critical activities or to spend time with loved ones and family.

What are the main services that Best Movers and Packers in Dubai offer?

A wide variety of services linked to transportation and relocation are offered by Best packers and movers businesses. The majority of businesses offer their services for house moving. We also provide office moving, business moving, and industrial moving services.

How much will moving and packing services cost in Dubai?

Prices are illustrative and dependent on volume, distance, and installation needs. Any of the available channels, including call, email, and WhatsApp, can be utilised to communicate the specifics of the needed hours and services. For larger movements, an on-site survey may be required to provide a precise estimate.

How much does it cost to move a home within Dubai, United Arab Emirates?

The distance, the number of rooms, and the weight of your goods are all factors that affect how much it costs to move inside Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The price of your move will also vary depending on whether you hire professional or self-service movers in Dubai.

Typically, the rate per hour is determined by accounting for the following variables:

The distance travelled by Vehicles

The number of people who pack and unpack the stuff.

Volume and number of things being transferred

Are you searching for a reputable Dubai apartment moving company?

You’ve come to the right site if you’re seeking for a reputable flat moving business in Sharjah, Dubai, or another UAE city.

With the greatest moving tools and the best packing supplies, we provide excellent services at fair pricing. Our professionals have years of moving expertise, so they are familiar with every detail. They’ll make sure everything is transported without incident and without any loss or harm to your possessions. In order to correctly pack your priceless possessions before we transport them to another location, we have specialised teams who provide expert packing services in accordance with international standards.

How do you pick the top moving company in the UAE?

Look at the business’ website. Is it presented professionally? Does it include details on their offerings and how they might assist you with your move?

Look at the company’s testimonials. These can be found on Google, Facebook, and other social media sites where people post reviews of moving companies they’ve used. Before deciding which one to choose, make sure to read at least 20 reviews.

Verify the company’s insurance coverage to make sure that it covers all of your possessions during storage and transportation (if applicable).

Verify the licence of every car that will be utilised to move your things from one place to another. Each vehicle should have a licence display on both sides so that it is visible from the outside and inside when items are loaded or unloaded onto or from it.

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Movers Packers in Dubai is a group of professional movers and packers in Dubai. Dubai Movers and Packers is one of the leading relocation and mover companies in Dubai and comes fully equipped with a team of relocation/movers specialists and moving consultants. Our team of professional movers is known for providing quality moving services in Dubai, UAE.

Movers Packers in Dubai is a Registered Movers and Packers Company in Dubai, UAE. We are providing Professional Home Moving and Shifting Services all over the UAE. We are Expert and Cheap in Home Furniture Movers and Packers field and have a lot of satisfied customers who used our Relocation Service in Dubai. We are the professional movers in Dubai because we help individuals, families, and offices to move from one area to another. Relocation from one place to another is always a difficult thing to perform, with our professional movers and packers in Dubai you will get the top-notch removal services. When you search for the best mover company Dubai you will find us on top in the list of movers and packers in Dubai due to our quality moving services in Dubai. We provide the best quality moving boxes Dubai to pack and shift your valued goods from one place to another.

We are a Local Dubai Movers Company that provides High Quality relocation services at doorstep in U.A.E. . We proudly provide local and international moving services for both residential and commercial clients. Dubai Movers and Packers is one of the leading relocation and mover companies in Dubai.



  • #1 Removal Expert In Dubai :- Enjoy a more convenient move when you choose the moving and packing experts at Movers Packers in Dubai. We proudly provide local and international moving services for both residential and commercial clients. Dubai Movers and Packers is one of the leading relocation and mover companies in Dubai.
  • Movers Packers in Dubai Movers :- Most Trusted Moving Company In Dubai:- Dubai Movers and Packers is one of the leading relocation and mover companies in Dubai. We offer house moving, commercial moving, international moving, packing, and storage services.
  • Reliable Transportation By Dubai Movers Company :- We always prefer better and more reliable transportations services for the moving process to ensure all your valuable items move safely to your required destination without any damage. We have special moving trucks with experienced drivers who know how to drive on Dubai roads safely. Cheap movers and packers in Dubai will be the best choice for you.
  • Affordable Prices By Cheap movers and packers in Dubai :- Cheap movers and packers in Dubai will be the best choice for you. Our pricing model is very simple and affordable. No One can beat us at prices. No matter you want to move a few goods or many we offer you prices according to your moving needs.


Movers Packers in Dubai is one of the most trusted, affordable, and professional movers in Dubai. We provide an extensive range of moving, packing, and storage services to meet your requirements. All of them are performed by an expert team of movers Dubai. We render our services to individual homeowners and businesses in Dubai, and all across the United Arab Emirates. We have been in the moving business for more than 13+ years, and still maintained our reputation as one of the Movers Packers in Dubai.

Our reliability, professionalism, and people’s trust have earned us prestige as one of the Movers Packers in DubaiWhether you want furniture removal, office relocation, pet moving, or house relocation service, we still have got you covered. With us, customers will enjoy swift, smooth, and hassle-free moving and packing services that they can only expect from the best moving companies in Dubai.

Professional Dubai Movers

We have a team of experienced Dubai Movers to take care of your possessions that go beyond their limits to satisfy you with packing and relocation facilities.


Expert movers in Dubai with more than a decade of experience in the packing and moving industry, we are known as moving experts for shifting services for residential, house shifting, office moving, commercial moving, furniture installation, and packing and unpacking. Rather than providing moving services, we also serve Dubai with storage services at competitive prices.

There are so many relocation companies in Dubai exist, but few of them are affordable and trusted. But Movers Packers in Dubai makes it unique with professional packers and movers team, quality, budget, and door-to-door moving services in Dubai. From packing into boxes to transporting your belongings to new homes, we will take care of everything you need. Whether you are trying for house shifting or want to move your bulky office furniture you’ve got a friend in us.

We are here for you, no matter where and when you are moving. Our moving and storage company is based in Dubai that serves the entire UAE country.

Movers Packers in Dubai is best Moving Company that takes the stress out

There is no need not to worry or take stress about your belongings while relocating. With a highly trained professional moving team, warehousing facilities, and excellent transportation, we complete packing and moving procedures without any hassle.

As trusted Movers, Customer satisfaction is our priority when we take charge of the move. We take responsibility for all your belongings during a move. We reassure you that all your precious possessions will reach their destination safe and sound.

Benefits of Hiring Movers Packers in Dubai


  • We are committed to Excellent services in Dubai
  • Instant booking Services with 100% reliability
  • Professional & Security Assurance
  • Breakage Insurance
  • Premium Packing and Unpacking
  • Free moving boxes and quality packing material



Local Moving Services

Are you planning to move and looking to hire the best local movers in Dubai? Movers Packers in Dubai is the right local moving company for this job. We have been rated the most expert movers from the rest of the local moving companies in Dubai. Moving offices or households like furniture, bedroom shifting, and flat relocation to a new destination is a challenging task for individuals and companies. 

Pest Control

Movers Packers in Dubai is committed to providing Safe and professional pest control service for your home and business in Dubai. A highly professional pest and insects controller team that can exterminate the cockroaches, spider, bed bugs, rats, mice, ants, fleas at very affordable prices. One of the best pest control company in Dubai with 10+ years experience.

Villa Movers

Are you looking to hire professionals to help you meet your villa moving requirements in Dubai? Movers Packers in Dubai have a renowned name for leading Villa Movers in Dubai. Moving of a villa is complicated as compared to house moving. There are many things there that need extra care during the process of the move like wooden floors, roofs, sunrooms, living and dining rooms, and a pool. Our professional villa movers and packers in the Dubai team will take care of everything.

International Movers

Are you looking for International movers and packers to help you relocate internationally? Well, we are one of the best international movers in Dubai. And have exclusively served hundreds of clients with their moving needs. Whether you are moving from the UAE to anywhere in Asia, we assist you from departure to arrival.

Self Storage Solution

Being a resident of UAE, you may face a short storage problem within your house, room or business. Maybe you are also looking for storage services in Dubai for your extra vehicles in garage, furniture and electrical appliances due to short available space. Movers Packers in Dubai is always ready to help you because they have a team of experts that can do anything.

Pet Shipping

Are you looking for Professional Pet shipping in Dubai? Check out the Movers Packers in Dubai who can move your pet anywhere in the world. If you are planning to get services of your loved one’s pet shifting locally in Dubai, or Globally Movers Packers in Dubai can provide you with the best solution at no hidden cost.


Professional Team

A highly skilled team handles the entire process and meets all the relocation requirements that let enjoy clients’ stress-free experience.

Timely Delivery

We always ensure the timely delivery system for all your goods and belongings.

Over 100 Vehicles

For a fast approach to our clients, we have a huge network of more than 100 moving trucks.

We Care For You

Whether it’s an office relocation or house shifting, our team do all from packing boxes to transporting with special care.

Competitive Prices

For all moving and storage services in the UAE, we have the lowest and affordable prices for our beloved clients.

24/7 Service

24/7 hours ready to help you move any time anywhere. Fast and reliable delivery system.

Frequently asked questions

What is the average moving cost for a move within Dubai?

Unfortunately, there is no single way to predict an exact price because some factors affect the cost of any move. However, the actual moving prices for your move in Dubai may differ from company to company. You may find variations of moving prices depending upon the moving company’s quality, service, and reputability. The cost of a move depends on the following.


  • Size of home
  • Distance between current and new location
  • Date of the moving-day
  • Services you want to get like, storage, packing, assembly, etc.


For the best deal, you should compare the prices of multiple movers and packers in UAE. However, it has been observed movers charge as follows.

Studio Apartment: 800-1000 AED

1 Bed Apartment: 800-1200 AED

2 Bed Apartment: 1800-2200 AED

3 Bed Apartment: 2800- 3500 AED

Prices may vary based which depends on the amount of the items and the particular service you hire. For an accurate moving price, get a survey of your home.

How Do I Choose the Right Movers in Dubai?

To hire the trusted movers in Dubai, get references from friends or colleagues who already have hired a moving company. The majority of relocation companies have listed their business in Google my business, from there you can check reviews of any mover.

After picking a company, check the company’s background and liability Insurance. Don’t go for a cheap moving service, don’t complete moving until receiving all the belongings. Always prefer to hire certified Dubai movers like Movers Packers in Dubai.

Is It Cheaper to Hire a Moving Company in Dubai or move myself?

Hiring skilled Dubai movers and packers might look expensive if you compare it to move by yourself. However, the benefits of hiring a shifting company are far exceeded because you don’t need anymore to do anything yourself. You also enjoy an uncomplicated, quick, safe, and stressless moving experience. But if your move is of just some boxes that you can move in your car then it’s more suitable than hiring movers.

How much will it cost me to hire Dubai movers per hour?

Expect to pay around 80 – 100 AED per hour for hiring movers. These prices apply whether you want them to wrap your belongings or move them to your new residence. Rates may vary depending upon the location to location.

Is it better to hire movers or move yourself?

Moving by yourself is a responsible and stressful task to do. Also, you might get some serious injuries. The best option is to hire Dubai movers and packers; they are experts in it. They can move your items in a safe and better way. Movers Packers in Dubai also help you reassemble furniture and set them up to your next place, which is an added benefit.

How far in advance should I book movers?

Moving big homes such as villas need proper planning, which takes time. So, we recommend you to search for a relocation company almost 4 – 6 months before your move. You have enough time to discuss details with movers and get multiple quotes from multiple movers in Dubai for a competitive price.

However, if you have no time, you can notify us to move on short notice. In this case, you have limited choices.

Is there anything that Movers will not move?

Relocation companies move everything but not your personal items like: Jewelry, medicals reports, and house document files. Besides, they will also not move explosive items like gas stoves, etc. You have to move them by yourself.

Can I find a mover for a same-day move in Dubai?

Finding professional movers in Dubai for moving on short notice or the same day seems like a mission impossible. However, some licensed, insured, and reliable moving companies are always ready to help their customers 24/7 in emergency moving. But the same-day move also depends on your requirements and item size. If you want to move on the same day, contact our team: (0556779442).

How do I request moving quotes?

You can get your moving estimate by filling the online form. In the form, explain what service you are looking for and the moving date. Within one day, you will receive a quote.

Should I tip the movers?

It depends on the customer’s satisfaction. When a customer believes that they have provided high-quality services and have done a tremendous job, then, they wish to give a tip in bliss. Otherwise, it’s not necessary for clients.

How many quotes should I expect from movers?

You should have at least three quotes from several movers. Customers need to send their relocation date and contact details. So, they can send their surveyors to your home to quote for local shifting. However, there are some factors based on the packers and movers in Dubai make estimates. Like moving distance, extra storage, the weight of items, packing, and labour cost.

Will Movers Packers in Dubai Charge their customers for a quote?

We ease our clients by offering a free quote. This quote will help you avoid surprising bills, and you can easily know the exact shifting cost. We prefer to make a written estimate rather than giving a general quote on call. That is why we send a surveyor to calculate the total cost of shifting before providing a quote. Our professional movers and packers in Dubai team will let you enjoy a hassle free move.

Professional Furniture Movers

Moving furniture is a tough job, especially when you are moving for the very first time. It is almost impossible to move furniture safely by yourself. No matter how few items you are moving. So, what’s the best way to move? Getting help from professional furniture movers and packers in Dubai is the best option to move.

Movers Packers in Dubai is providing furniture moving services since 2007. The seasoned professionals of Movers Packers in Dubai cut the stress of the move. So that you will enjoy your moving experience.

Get an Estimated Quote

For your Home Move in 1 Minute

Furniture Moving Services in Dubai

We will help you with the best of experience while providing moving services. We have the best furniture movers in our team with years of experience and skills. We specialize in small moves and have a big network of transport-related options to help you with vying moving services. So, whether it is about moving bulky furniture or small appliances, we will tailor your moving needs as per the requirements.


  • Highly Qualified Staff for Items care and Movement
  • Local Moving Expert Handyman services
  • Bubble wrapping solutions
  • Boxes and Packing Material supplies


Cheap Furniture Movers with Quality Services

We know moving isn’t a happy moment for you. Especially when you are living in a rented house, and you have to move to a new location. Yet we’ve made moving affordable with our cheap moving services. Movers Packers in Dubai not only moves furniture but will transfer your other assets, which requires a different process. Movers Packers in Dubai is ranked as the most favourite and affordable furniture shifting in Dubai.

We Move Dubai With The Best Furniture Removalists

Moving bulky furniture is an art, and not everyone can do it. It’s a bit technical to dismantle the furniture, pack, load, unload, unpack and reassemble into original form. Only a professional mover can do that. Movers Packers in Dubai believes in delivering reliable furniture moving and packing services. We keep safety in priority. So we make sure to transport in a secure way. Before start moving, our team completes some necessary packing processes. It helps to keep furniture safe during their transportation. So, they use high-quality packing materials to pack after dismantling. After the packing process, they load them into trucks that are well insulated.

Professional Furniture Shifting Team

Movers Packers in Dubai will take complete responsibility to help you with your needs for furniture removals. Yes, we have an experienced team and delivery network to help you strategize and organize your relocation. From packing to relocating, we will take complete care of your supplies and make sure that there are no problems while getting relocated. So, you must not hesitate and hire us to help you organize your next move.

Handpicked Furniture Movers

We have the best removalists in our team to help you with the best moving experience. Being the best furniture movers in Dubai, we will always be committed to maintaining the standards and providing safe exercises when it is about helping you with moving services. All our expert movers are physically fit and can relocate bulky and awkward items without any kind of trouble. Take a look at the services which makes our packers and movers the best in the business:


  • We always report on time so that you can get your needs covered as per your given deadline.
  • All your belongings will be transported with complete care so that there is not even a single scratch while being transported.
  • We have experienced and physically fit movers in our team so that they can take complete care of your bulky belongings.
  • If there is anything that is not assembled properly, we will help you with that without any kind of hesitation.


Let’s Resolve Your Queries

Can you relocate the piano to UAE?

Yes, we will be happy to do so. We have the Movers Packers in Dubai in place to take care of your piano and get it relocated without even a single scratch. We only object to flammable items which need to be taken proper care of while being transported. So, just call our professional furniture removals in Dubai and get your piano relocated without any fuss.

Are packing and unpacking services available?

Yes, we have professional movers to help you with the best assistance when it comes to moving. We will thoroughly help you get your belongings packed. We’ll make sure that each and every item has been packaged in such a way that there is no harm to it while being transported even on a very poor road. And yes, we will also help you with the complete unpacking of your belongings.

So, do not hesitate and knock on our doors to get the assistance of the best furniture movers and packers. We will make sure that you attain complete value for money with our service. Contact us for immediate response and Queries on WhatsApp at 0556779442

What Motivates People to Use Our Furniture Moving Service?

Are you looking for the top moving and packing companies for furniture in Dubai? Contact us right away for furniture moving services in Dubai. CBD is here to reward our valued clients with loyalty and make moving less stressful. Send us an email, and we’ll get started planning your motions, moving, and loading the furniture right away. The furniture is ready for delivery on schedule and for discharge. CBD Movers is one of the most reliable and well-known moving companies in the United African nations. Our considerable knowledge and skilled furniture movers in Dubai have earned respect by guaranteeing that the fixtures are transported and efficiently delivered to the destination.

Dubai’s top furniture movers

Professional furniture movers in Dubai are experts at moving furniture safely. Because they are experienced furniture movers in Dubai, they have the ability to make your relocation a reality. If you are the only one moving your furniture, it will be challenging, especially if you have large, pricey pieces. Whether you want to move one piece of furniture or all of your furniture, hiring furniture movers in Dubai who are informed about the complete moving process can be quite helpful.

Throughout the entire moving process, furniture movers in Dubai like us will be there to assist you. You can trust our best and most reputable furniture movers in Dubai with all of your belongings.

We Offer High-Quality Services

It’s important to comprehend the packing process and the materials used to pack your furniture, kitchenware, glassware, and other items. We use top-notch packaging materials at CBD Movers in Dubai to ensure that your furniture is well-protected. The items of our clients are packaged using the materials listed below. For the furniture, we use premium cloth blankets. Despite producing strong materials, these covers provide additional protection to prevent heat and dust from entering furniture.

We have Experienced and Skilled Team

It might be difficult to pack, disassemble, and reassemble furniture when you have a lot of belongings. However, if you work with knowledgeable packers and movers in Dubai, moving furniture there might be a piece of cake. House moving firms in Dubai take care of your furniture and equipment and guarantee its security while being moved to a new location. In Dubai, you can choose from a variety of packers and movers. You may be aware of the prices for movers and packers in Dubai, but you can also choose less expensive ones to assist you with your relocation. Every penny counts, particularly when the work is of the highest calibre, which is what moving businesses aim to deliver.

Moving Furnishings for a Fair Price

Our goal is to assist you. Dubai movers offer trusted, hassle-free services in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, so you may focus on other things. Being the most reliable and affordable movers in Dubai, we offer round-the-clock relocation services. In your area, we provide the most dependable relocation service since we appreciate our customers.

What steps must I take to pay for the service?

Once the move has been finished, you will pay the moving company.

What steps must I take to pay for the service?

Once the move has been finished, you will pay the moving company.

Is it okay if I tip the movers?

In Dubai, there is no such thing as a typical tip for moving services. Few customers tip, and other people don’t. In almost every situation, you should anticipate receiving outstanding service.

How can I choose a moving company in Dubai?

By using the CBD Movers service, you may obtain up to five estimates from seasoned moving companies in Dubai. You can view the full profile of each quote provider and their overall ranking based on the hundreds of moves that have been successfully completed on the CBD movers website. To choose the finest moving company for you, compare prices, accreditations, and ratings.

Your health is a top priority for COVID-19.

At CBD Mover, we continue to place a strong value on our customers and employees. We have therefore implemented a variety of precautionary measures in order to keep you secure. The world over, the UAE has seen disruptions to regular routines due to the coronavirus (COVID-19). Moves don’t always hesitate, even though maintaining a social distance is the recommended course of action unless you’ve been instructed otherwise. As a result, we take every precaution to stop the spread of infection, including routinely checking the movers’ body temperatures, mandating them to wear masks at all times, and frequently disinfecting their hands.

What should I anticipate if I request moving quotes?

We will send your information to accredited and professional companies and seek an estimate when you complete our online form and choose the moving service you require. Within 24 hours, you might receive quotes from particular businesses. Following that, you will contrast the numerous bids and customer reviews and hire the company of your choice.

Why do you think you’re the most effective mover?

If you are locally moving away from your home, you cannot access it! Careful handling is required for packaging, tidying, washing, charging, and downloading, among other things. An individual cannot handle all of these. You only need to knock on our doors and follow the instructions; we have the most reliable movers and packers in Dubai. Our drivers take on all the stress and keep you from experiencing emotional exhaustion.

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