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House and apartment moving has now become a part of our life. For development in life and profession, we are often hesitant about changing locations. There are a lot of complexities and challenges in the house shifting because the shifting process is still the same as in the past, but there are some trends that have been improved by the house movers and packers in Dubai and apartment shifting procedures to provide the best facility in those situations.

Movers And Packers In Dubai is one of them and offers rapid and cheap removal duties to individuals and families for home or apartment relocation. Whether the move is within Dubai, Abu-Dhabi, long-distance or international. Home and flat relocation services comprise full packaging goods. Movers And Packers In Dubai provides all basic and additional apartment and house shifting services in Dubai .

House Movers in Dubai

Moving of a house or apartment must be carried out by hiring house movers to avoid any sort of inconvenience and anxiety. This recommendation leads towards finding and selecting the offer which a shifting company in Dubai can provide and helps in a well mannered way for the ease of its customers. So, opting the right one for this purpose is a confusing step for relocation of household items.

But, if you select Movers And Packers In Dubai, then we assure you that we are always the Best house movers in Dubai. Our different services make you feel free and by giving this task to us you can easily perform your other duties. We offer our services to our clients on the basis of care, proper handling, faster pace of work with a team of excellent and hardworking people. Moreover, our rates are highly economical as compared to other house removals in Dubai.

Our House Shifting Process for Packing in Dubai

Movers And Packers In Dubai is a well reputed organized company with the association of House movers. We bring ease for the challenges of house shifting Dubai. Movers And Packers In Dubai adopts the house moving process in a simplified way. We definitely know that home shifting is an exhausting process for a client to prevent damages, and to make free from other activities of the day.

To provide a safe service and assure the security of your household items, our key step is to pack all categories of your house items separately. Before moving, all the items are necessarily packed to avoid any harm. We follow the packing process in following manner:

Some Tips About Unloading and Unpacking


Cups and Mugs

Place only these items at the top of your Box

Plates, Coasters of Cups and Saucers

Note: For small plates, use four to six plates per set. For pots and pans, These items are to be packaged individually. Save space by inserting the smallest into larger ones so as to stack them.

Silver Items

Use only tissue paper for silver items. Pack the cutlery individually and place them in their compartment. If you have a silver box, put away cutlery packed inside it, wrap the box and put it in a box the right size. Also wrap your tea or coffee sets in tissue paper and store them in their cardboard compartment.

Small Appliance

Large Household Appliances

In order to protect the mechanisms of the devices, have a qualified person prepare your ovens (gas stoves in particular), microwaves, washers, dryers, refrigerators, freezers and dishwashers for the move. Transport Lyon will be happy to send a mover to your rescue.

So, you can contact our shifting expert to avail our fabolous service of moving and packing. Also for a self move you can use our unique and catergorized packing services only.

House Shifting Services in Dubai

Almost all the clients have a requirement of getting all sorts of facilities by just selecting local movers . The provision of all the services relating to a house relocation depend upon the expertise of the people who work with the firm and the related equipment that a house shifting company owes.

Movers And Packers In Dubai has an ability to meet all your requirements and demands under one roof with the help of its well trained staff. We serve our clients with a number of services, some of them are mentioned below briefly:

Initial Consultation and Location Visit

When you hire our facility of house shifting service in Dubai, we are liable to provide the most basic and necessary service of consultation relating to your move. Our people visit your place and after initial consultation estimate the requirement of tools and numbers, vehicles and person to carry out the whole process of your relocation.

House Transfer: Bureaucratic Aspects and the Transfer of your Old Premises

House removals involve managing all of the bureaucratic, legal, and acquisition/sale aspects of your current office space. It is often the legal departments of the company that step in and take care of all these aspects. However, it often feels like a big dip in the air if you don’t have a dedicated service. It’s easy to get lost in these steps, especially as their importance is real. Indeed, these can quite simply compromise the activity of your company in the event of a problem!

Affordable House Movers

While making a move, everyone wishes that his item should be moved at economical rates. You try to select house movers for the relocation of your home appliance. Movers And Packers In Dubai pleasantly offers its house moving service at cheap price. Our charges are in accordance with the quantity of the items to be moved and distance of the relocation places.

Careful Handling

A house consists of a number of items: glassware items, decoration pieces, valuable paintings and expensive items. At the time of relocation of your house, it is of utmost anxiety for you to handle them with great care so that all the items could be transferred unbroken. Our experts are well educated and have a training of tackling the precious and valuable things in a safe and conscious manner.

Safe and Secure Moving

While moving a house, safety of belongings to be moved is the major concern of our clients. The loading and unloading of the packed materials plays an important role in their safer transfer. Moreover the stability of the vehicle to be used for the move also is very helpful for performing a secure moving task. We provide services by guaranteeing the security of all the household items and transfer them without causing any harm.

Uninstallation/ Installation and Unpacking Service

Before making a move, we all know packing is the key factor which is useful during the moving of items. But another necessity alongwith packing to keep in mind is the initial uninstallation of your house belongings and at the end their installation again at your new location.

Most of the companies just provide the moving service and do not know the importance of reinstallation and unpacking of the items. This task is also as important as the packing for the security of your belongings.

Movers And Packers In Dubai is best at providing all the above said services and its experts work with great integrity. They are vigilant in serving our customers with their uninstallation/installation and packing/unpacking facility. So you can contact us to get our complete package of service and in this way you will be tension free for the relocation of your house.

Why Movers And Packers In Dubai is Best House Shifting Company in Dubai

Shifting is the need of everyone living in Dubai. More oftenly, your business variations or your employer compels you to migrate in different areas of The UAE or only within Dubai. So, in such situations, when you need to move your house, villa or apartment, it is a bit risky to carry out the move on your own. However, hiring the services of a Shifting Company, is really accommodating and supportive for you. The selected house movers and packers in Dubai should have the ability to work for your satisfaction and comfort.

Hence, if you are worried about finding such a fascinating organization, then we are happy to let you know that Movers And Packers In Dubai is the best home shifting company in Dubai with a very reasonable range of prices. Which may vary on the basis of the magnitude of your house and distance of transferring locations.

We have a crew of hardworking and dedicated persons who are ever ready to do their duty with honesty.

We own all the meaningful tools and updated vehicles to help you out in performing your move.

So, if you want a safe and comfortable relocation of your house in reasonable charges, we highly recommend you to choose Movers And Packers In Dubai for performing this task and for this purpose you should call us to get a query so that we may serve you well.

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Moving to a new house is daunting, both emotionally and physically. You can be very excited about moving to a better place that you’ll call home, but the emotional attachment you have developed with your current abode will surely make your heart heavy. From that painting on your bedroom wall to the shower curtain your kid excitedly chose for her bathroom, everything will remind you of the happy or sad days that you have spent in this house. When moving a house, all you take with you is memories and the household items are what keep those memories alive.

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At Movers And Packers In Dubai, we understand the feelings a family may have for the home they are leaving and everything in it. While we take the physical stress of moving away from you, we also try our best to keep your old memories alive by transferring all your household valuables intact to the new destination. With years of experience in domestic packing and moving, we ship your items to the new place with maximum care and in least possible time. We take care of everything from uninstalling of fixtures, careful packing of all items especially sensitive material like electronics and fragile articles, and professional logistics to assembling of items at the new place.

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Are you planning to move your home too? Whether you are moving to a new neighborhood nearby, a different city, or a new country, we at Movers And Packers In Dubai can meet all your moving needs. Why not try our house moving services now? You can start by getting a free quote and we will respond promptly to your inquiry.



During relocations, the very first step to secure transfers of household or commercial items is right packing. Damage or loss of a valuable is the last thing you would want during a domestic or international relocation of your business or home, but this is a potential occurrence in case packing goes wrong. Packing is very important and takes a lot of learning about the type and material of the items being packed and the entire logistics procedure. Awareness of the different packing material for different items also comes with experience and hands on experience.

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Are you looking for a trusted relocation and moving company in Dubai? Look no further! We offer professional relocation and moving services to clients all over Dubai. Our experienced team of movers ensures that your belongings are moved safely and securely, ensuring a stress-free move. With our years of experience, high customer satisfaction rates, exceptional service, and competitive rates, you can count on us for reliable relocation and moving solutions. Contact us today for more information!

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Let’s face it, moving is a tiresome and demanding process. Without the appropriate tools, materials, and labor, it may take a long time and cost you your precious items. If you want to avoid setbacks during this process, look no further than Movers And Packers In Dubai for professional and safe moving services in Dubai and the rest of the UAE.

We are a leading home moving service in Dubai with many satisfied customers. Our relocation specialists and handypersons provide end-to-end care of your items. We will disassemble and assemble your furniture, set up devices, and pretty much anything you’ll need during the move. With Movers And Packers In Dubai, you don’t need to do anything!

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Our team will handle every step of the house moving process, regardless of the number of items or move destination. Each household item will be delicately packed with quality packing materials and loaded with care into our trucks.


At Movers And Packers In Dubai, we are specialists in packing and moving your company’s assets to your new premises, such as office furniture, machinery, electronic devices, etc. In addition, we carefully devise our office moving plans to reduce your business’s productivity loss.

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Our experts guarantee your international move is a success no matter where you move. Movers And Packers In Dubai helps you in each process step and ensures a stress-free international move.


Movers And Packers In Dubai provides one of the best storage services in Dubai. We have spacious, secure, pest-free warehouses. Whether you need to store professional equipment, office items, or furniture, our facilities are implemented with the most reliable technology to keep your belongings in top shape.

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Tell us about the service you need and schedule a date and location.


After providing us with your details, we will give you an instant quote before booking.


Our moving specialist will come to your location with the necessary equipment and packing materials and facilitate the moving process.


As one of the best moving companies in the UAE, customer satisfaction is our priority. So whether you are moving locally or from Dubai to an overseas destination, look no further than Movers And Packers In Dubai for an effortless move.

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Our experts are well-trained to handle your valuables from pick up to the destination, ensuring the whole process is smooth and hassle-free.


Our premium packing solutions guarantee your belongings move securely and reliably – with zero risks of damage.


We appreciate our client’s time and strive to meet strict deadlines and fulfill our promises.


Our online representatives are highly responsive and professional and, thus, guaranteed to cater to all your moving needs.


At Movers And Packers In Dubai, we fully understand your packing needs and have professional packers who not only know the right packing material for specific items, but also know the ins and outs of the entire logistics of the movement. Knowing how the items will be shipped at different stages and what type of handling and pressures they will endure, they pack your belongings in just the right way so they arrive intact at the final destination. From that expensive china in your kitchen cabinet, the microwave on the dining counter, to that bulky couch in the lounge, we know how to properly pack and ship each item to a different neighborhood, city, or a country.

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Are you planning to move your home or business abroad too? No matter where or what you are moving, we at Movers And Packers In Dubai can meet all your packing needs. Why not try our packing services now? You can start by getting a free quote and we will respond promptly to your inquiry.



Moving Checklist: Simplified Week by Week. For first-time homeowners, moving from one…


Simple But Effective Tips for a Successful Moving Day. After weeks of planning, moving day…


For any homeowner, moving can be very exciting, but it could also be a source of stress as there are lots of factors that could complicate the process, if not cause it to fall apart completely. Fortunately, you could actually simplify things and maximize the benefits of the experience by following these tips for moving:

Make an inventory of the items that should be moved – People’s homes are often full of items that may or may not be needed in the new location. List all items by the rooms in which they are situated. This way, you could easily come up with a system of packing such items. Duplicate items which could just add to the burden—as well as cost—of moving should be donated or sold.

Plan the schedule – It is recommended to make sure that the moving date falls during the off-peak seasons for movers. Such a decision would lead to significant savings on moving fees and other related expenses. Plan moving dates that would provide less stress for the members of the household. As an example, it would be better to move from one city to another when the school year has already ended so that adjustment to the new environment will be easier for children.

Take as much time as you need when choosing a moving company – When there are many companies that are operating within an area, it is a wise thing to compare offers and rates. Homeowners should pick a mover that could guarantee punctuality, safety of the items to be transported, and reasonable fees. It would also be good if you could find a company that allows customization of services. Bargains regarding add-on services, charges, and other related concerns should be arranged with reliable moving companies.

“To Pack or Not to Pack” – As early as the planning phase, you should decide about the packing of items. Should you handle this or would you rather leave it to the moving company? Packing of items as a part of the job of a moving company will certainly raise the cost of their services, but paying for this additional service is worth it if you lack the time to do the packing on your own. It would also ensure that all items are safely packed for transport.

Settle all insurance concerns – When items are being transported over long distances, insurance should be a main concern for homeowners. It is understood that when a moving company is hired, the insurance aspect is already covered. Queries about specific aspects of the insurance to be provided by a mover should be presented as early as possible. Options regarding insurance fees and coverage should likewise be explored. Insurance packages could fall under any of the following:

Carrier liability – Minimal liability fees for each region are implemented by moving companies. Declared

value – A customer will be the one to declare the value of the goods to be transported.

Comprehensive replacement value – The moving company will set the minimum value to be paid if an item gets damaged while in transit.

Know your rights and responsibilities – While laws governing moving may vary between regions or states, moving companies are supposed to inform shippers or clients of their responsibilities and rights. These things are usually stated on the contract of service that will be signed by both parties. It is imperative that you read through the details of the contract before signing anything so as to prevent possible problems in the future.

There are many other tips for moving available online but the ones discussed here should be enough as they cover the basics of the activity.

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